• Third Mission Market opens in Downtown L.A.

    Los Angeles, CA, April 17.  Progressive Convenience, Inc. opened its third location, a Mission Market convenience store, in downtown L.A. Friday, April 15th.  The 1,770 square-foot store will offer a full range of convenience and grocery products, including an exceptional selection of fresh, high-quality grab ‘n go food products.  The store, on Broadway in L.A.’s Theater District, is on the ground-floor of the historic, circa-1924 Broadway-Spring Arcade Building.

    All stores share a common goal: to be convenience stores where consumers want to shop, rather than feel like they have to.  “Too many convenience stores rely on their convenience and neglect other important attributes,” explains Roland F. Foss, Founder of Mission Market and President of Progressive Convenience, Inc. “I have known for a while that this concept could do well in downtown L.A (DTLA). There are a number of convenience stores here, but from chains to independents, they fail consumers on so many levels.”

    Unlike the rest of the city, which is well-known for its sprawl and endless freeways, the core of downtown L.A. is very dense, packed with offices, lofts and apartments, retail and nightlife. It has the history, culture, vibrancy and amenities of a world-class city, and is currently undergoing a heady process of rediscovery and renewal. The number of dwellings in downtown has grown six-fold since 1999, according to the Downtown Center Business Improvement District’s 2015 Downtown Retail Report. Over 500,000 work here, more than 50,000 call DTLA home—and with more apartments being built or converted, the retail infrastructure needs to keep pace.

    The L.A. store features an exceptional selection of fresh, pre-packaged foods like sandwiches, salads, sushi, cut fruit and vegetables, and more.   In addition to its signature sandwiches—made just for Mission Market by a local bakery—the store debuts a new line of dinner-style entrees—fresh, heat ’n eat  items like beef tenderloin with cauliflower and Alaskan salmon with brown rice.

    Mission Market will make its wide range of broadly-appealing products available for online ordering and delivery throughout L.A. by partnering with delivery apps Postmates and Door Dash.  It will offer over 1,500 products for delivery within one hour, at the same price as in-store, with no minimum order and only a small delivery fee. “This service will absolutely be the best option for a quick, affordable, convenient delivery experience.”   Referring to 7-Eleven’s Postmates storefront, where it offers fewer than 250 items for sale, many of them its private label products rather than consumer-preferred name brands, Foss concludes: “There is simply no match to the selection, price and flexibility that we will offer through these delivery services.”

    For Angelenos with Bitcoin to spend, Mission Market arrives to offer a useful place to spend their virtual currency.  The store will also offer the only Bitcoin ATM in Los Angeles County that allows customers to both buy and sell Bitcoin using U.S. Dollars.  Mission Market also extends its policy of not using pennies. Instead, the store rounds change up or down to the nearest nickel.  Since the policy took effect on January 1st, Foss says it’s been a huge success, enthusiastically endorsed by employees and customers alike.

    Mission Market’s Grand Opening will be in June. The store’s address: 544 S. Broadway St., L.A., CA 90013. Phone is 213-629-6960.

     About Mission Market

    Mission Market is a progressive convenience store concept founded in 2013 in Fullerton, CA, which provides pleasant and convenient shopping experiences in urban settings.  Mission Market boasts a wide variety of broadly appealing products, including a superior selection of fresh grab ‘n go food. With a loyalty program, online ordering and delivery, and as the only market in California accepting payment in Bitcoin, Mission Market is always Open Just for You.

     Contact Roland Foss at 714-526-3610 or roland@mission-market.net

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