• Mission Market Now Sells California Lottery Products

    Mission Market today becomes just the second retailer of California Lottery products in downtown Fullerton.  The store will offer draw games and a comprehensive assortment of 24 Scratchers games.  Mission Market also offers services like Check-a-Ticket and ticket cashing and will participate in the Lottery’s monthly auto-shipment of new Scratchers games.

    While Mission Market is downtown Fullerton’s new destination for lotto gaming, it is important to remember that the California Lottery is about more than providing fun and games.  The Lottery returns 96% of its revenue to the community.  More than $1 billion every year goes to California public schools.  The California Lottery is a key way the State provides for public education, and Mission Market is happy to support this goal.

    Lottery is only the latest product or service that sets Mission Market apart from other convenience stores.   For example, Mission Market offers a low-cost ATM machine and accepts EBT cards. It also is the only market in Orange County, and possibly the first in California, to accept Bitcoin as payment.  Finally, the store is testing Mission Market Mobile, a service that brings the best of the market to busy downtown Fullerton office and retail workers.

    All of these products and services work together, says Roland Foss, Owner and General Manager of Mission Market, to provide a unified customer experience.  “We are a convenience store.  That’s ultimately what we provide our customers. If it’s something our customers want, we’ll bring it into the store.”  There’s no telling what Mission Market will offer next, but Foss and his team are always listening to their customers to determine how to become an even more convenient store.