• Mission Market introduces new, signature sandwiches

    Fullerton, CA, Nov. 19.  Mission Market now offers its own line of freshly-packaged sandwiches, made exclusively for its two stores by MamMoth Bakery of Gardena.  The partnership began last month and boasts twelve varieties of sandwiches in several bread forms, with cut fruit, cut veggies and salads planned for the future.

     High-quality food that is ready to eat—hence “grab ’n go”—is at the core of Mission Market’s concept. “In downtown Fullerton—the location of our current store—there are over 40 places where you can order and wait for your food,” he explains. “But even ‘fast food’ isn’t fast anymore. People don’t have time to wait, but they still want fresh, quality food.”

    Mission Market has always committed to offering an exceptional selection of convenient, fresh grab ’n go food, even as its offerings evolved in search of the right supplier and product mix. For example, one supplier had fantastic salads and excellent triangle sandwiches, but no premium sandwiches. Another supplier’s packages were hard to open.  Another had an excellent selection, but their sandwiches dried out too quickly.

    The store has also confronted a challenge that is common to all convenience stores: consumers’ perceptions of food quality in a convenience store setting. “There is an inherent tension between freshness and convenience” explains Foss. “I think we can largely solve that, though, through careful sourcing, good packaging, rigid enforcement of proper holding techniques and shelf life, and more frequent deliveries.” In short, it requires a bigger investment, which, to Foss, is worth it. “At a Mission Market, consumers can taste a sandwich every bit as good as that at a premium sandwich chain. I want to open their eyes to the possibilities.  I really want to make Mission Market a worthy contender for their lunch and dinner dollars.”

    Foss went shopping for a new supplier who could provide him greater control over the products.  He soon met Devin Kuy, whose MamMoth Bakery operates several retail bakeries and cafes in Los Angeles.  MamMoth is set apart from other sandwich manufacturers because they scratch bake the bread themselves. The bakery has an outstanding reputation for their sliced white bread, which is often described as light and fluffy in texture, with a buttery sweet taste.  One of the unique MamMoth recipes Mission Market offers is a Chicken Cutlet sandwich (pictured above), which boasts a chicken breast hand-battered with Japanese bread crumbs (known as Panko), creating a light and crunchy coating that complements shredded cabbage and a tangy house-blended sauce.

    Mission Market and MamMoth Bakery will collaborate to create new recipes that meet Mission Market’s customers’ tastes and meet Foss’ goal of creating unique items using “new forms, proteins and flavor profiles.”  Both men hope their partnership will help change consumers’ perception of what a convenience store sandwich can be.

     About Mammoth Bakery

    MamMoth Bakery prides itself on being a scratch bakery that produces high-quality breads, pastries, and desserts.  Our high standards for our products begin with our commitment to procuring high-quality ingredients, such as real butter and eggs—no substitutes here! We really hope you can taste the quality!!