• Mission Market in Fullerton expands delivery, now taking orders online

    Fullerton, CA, Sep. 7.  Mission Market has offered a free delivery service for two years—almost since the store opened.  Now, it’s making its service easier and more convenient, by offering over 1,300 products online for pickup or delivery.  Partnering with GrubHub.com and Eat24.com, customers can now browse, select, pay for and receive updates on their order.  Prices are the same as in-store, and the delivery minimum is still $20.

    The new service expands the current downtown delivery zone to a two-mile radius. As demand for the service grows, so will the delivery area.  Eventually, the company will expand delivery to its other store in Anaheim, Mission Market Express, which is located inside the new ARTIC transportation center. “I truly believe that convenience stores can function like little urban distribution centers,” Roland Foss, President of Progressive Convenience, Inc., says.  “We have the products you need on-hand, within a short distance from wherever you are, and you order from the apps you already use.” That allows Mission Market to deliver cheaper (free), faster (under 45 minutes) and with lower delivery minimums ($20) than all of its local competitors.

    Prompt and convenient delivery is becoming a core offering for many retailers in today’s “on-demand” consumer climate.  Yet online ordering and delivery is still a big differentiator for convenience stores.  By offering delivery, Mission Market widens its customer base, strengthens its brand promise, can better meet the needs of time-starved Millenials and positions itself for strong future growth.

    Mission Market will soon offer its service through EatStreet.com and Delivery.com, which will allow Mission Market to sell alcohol and tobacco products with its secure, age-verified platform.  “We’re very close to getting all of our categories available for order online.  The convenience of this service will only increase through time.”